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Hmm, those are pretty unbeatable! What a fun glimpse of your children through their "doings."


Gravel definitely. Rocks of any kind really. Sticks and sticks and branches and sticks and pieces of wood and sticks… And acorns and pinecones. Oh and grass seed! When the tall grasses go to seed, so much harvesting to be done! Hay is fun. Stacked hay bales. Dirt. The ground. If you add a bucket and some water to the plain old outdoors then much good work, I mean play, can get done.
Coming indoors, paper and crayon can take you anywhere. Of course most of the above mentioned things come indoors too…

Wow, I'm so glad your title was a trick! I will be honest and say that at first I was slightly disappointed that that was the direction you were going to head with your blog.

And thank you so much for your little email the other day/week. I so intend to write back (we can be Steiner dorks together?)…

Blessings from north of you…
Renee <3


Hay is a good one! Yes, I am so ready to be dorky with you, Renee! The quote on your sidebar is one of my favorites. I think of it as my Monday morning verse.

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