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Thanks for linking up.

I love this! I think it is so important to chronicle those early days, bc they are so dang hard!! One of my favorite lines from this post is "I felt like I was pretending." YES! I always said it was like speaking a different language with only a rudimentary vocabulary. It is something that is just not quite real or right yet.

Another gem is this: "You go from thinking that Waldorf is extreme and rigid, then intriguing and mysterious, then common sense." I have been through that thought progression myself. Can't wait to read that whole post.

So glad to know about your blog.


So sincere and inspiring Brenna- thank you for the deep inspiration


Beautiful! I, too, have a degree in Elementary Ed and had never heard of Waldorf until meeting a Waldorf-inspired homeschooling mother. It was a huge decision for us to pull our children out of public school over Christmas one year and begin homeschooling. I am so glad we did!

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