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Our story in the advent book tonight was called The Moonsilver Needle and the Stargold Thread...These are beautiful touchstones to reflect on in my own life, and deepen the weaving of.


Hello story mama,
I just discovered your inspiring blog! I am a born and bred wWldorf child living in Sheffield UK. At the moment my son, only just 4 years old, is having to go to the local state primary school. (I hope to move soon so he can go to a Waldorf school)Just walking in to his school to drop him off and collect him breaks my heart, as I never had to go to a school like this, being fortunate enough to be sent to a Waldorf school. I feel the state system is so shallow and meaningless in many ways, and only educates the poor little heads of these tiny children. My son is exhausted from his ABCD's and 12345's...Anyway, I am trying to balance this all with my home life which is Waldorf inspired of course. I tell many stories to my son and his friends. I recently found your 'midwinter garden' story on youtube and love it so much. I wondered if you would give me permission to retell it to my son and his friends this solstice as we will be having a winter gathering???
Thank you for sharing your homeschooling experiences and more!!


Hi Johanna! Thanks so much for getting touch and I'm really glad you are enjoying my blog.
It's wonderful that you are balancing out the intensity of school by providing your little one with so much warmth and magic at home.
Yes, by all means use the Midwinter Garden story. That was my hope in sharing it.
Stay in touch and let me know how it goes!

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