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Wow, what an inspirational story of transition. Making choices between two (good) alternatives is always so gut-wrenching, especially when we have spent the last 10 years on one path! But there is that little something inside that nudges us on. Enjoy your training!

Jennifer Ferraro

Seems totally meant to be! You have a serious gift my dear, and the universe knows it. Now, more children will benefit, and it will grow even richer and deeper. How amazing the journey! I hope it will be full of richness and steady unfoldment into beauty.... Yay for adventure!


Congratulations Brenna! What an exciting new adventure! I look forward to reading about it. Best, Rachel


There are so many who will be supporting you and holding you up, both for your sake and for the children. Issa joins me in marveling at the twists and turns of destiny. And... I just read about Ida in the morning paper - couldn't stop crying but am so proud of her and hurting and rejoicing with you.

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